Well, hello there.

My name is Vandissa, but you can call me V for short. I am a sister, daughter, auntie, future military wife, and soon-to-be stepmom. A California girl at heart, I am currently residing in Hawaii, working to play…and loving the eats.

I share life’s little quirks here as I transition further into the woman I am destined to become. I am constantly on the move. My background is Child and Family Social Work, but my loves include photography and design. Currently on island time, I express myself through writing, planning, or scrap-booking. When I am not with family I tend to hike, cook, or practice my newfound love for yoga.

LoveBecomesHer About Page

The purpose of this blog is to share experiences and ideas in order to build community among women.

The majority of LoveBecomesHer posts will cover domestic and international travel, transitioning into life as a military wife, relationships, and encouraging independence in the whirlwind that is adulthood. As I am also currently planning a wedding, I will be sharing tidbits about the wedding plans, too.

I am what I choose to be. I am what so many women are, and this blog serves as a medium between us all. LoveBecomesHer is for the woman who has multiple dimensions, and recognizes how important a little love can be.

LoveBecomesHer About Page

Here at LoveBecomesHer you will find stories, suggestions, printables, hacks, and inspiration as I continue this journey. Pull up a cozy chair and a hot tea, and stay as long as you like!

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