maintaining my yoga practice

I’m not sure what it is but I go through these time periods (weeks, or sometimes even months) when I will completely stop working out. I’ll get overly exhausted or stressed at work for a while, and instead of leaning into my practice more, I stop cold turkey. I use yoga as part of my relaxation/meditation routine, it doesn’t make any sense to stop, I love it. But still, I just…stop.

At this point I’ve picked up on my own pattern and honed in on how to fix it. My friends laugh at me for it but I am going to share it anyways, because it works. When I get into one of my yoga-ruts I hold myself to a tiny standard that I know I can stick with: 6 minutes every day. I usually have to put a reminder into my phone to do it, but it works like a charm. I just start the clock, or look up a video online, and focus in on my stretching and breathing for six minutes.

I thought that I would have felt like I was under cutting myself but for the most part I end up going over my time. The days when I truly don’t have it in me I’ll do the bare minimum and just keeping the routine gets me back in the swing of my regular exercises within a week (or three).

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